Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Northumbria Design School: Science of Stuff

Prof Raymond Oliver, Chair in Interactive Materials, Northumbria School of Design and Suzanne Lee, TED Fellow 2011 & Senior Research Fellow Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts London, led the debate around identifying trends and creative directions for future fabrics and human centred needs.
Suzanne Lee is a British fashion designer and the driving force behind BioCouture, a method she created for growing clothes from a bacterial/cellulose solution that may be the ultimate eco-friendly operation requiring few environment-taxing resources to produce.
Raymond Oliver is a chemical engineer with 20 years expertise through a variety of senior research and technology management posts in a global chemicals and materials company. Raymond is named as inventor on 28 patents, author of 2 books, another in preparation; co-author of seminal Royal Society Report on Nanotechnology; over 100 publications and presentations, including 90 invited keynote and plenary lectures.
More examples of the research and work taking place at Northumbria University.

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