Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Northumbria University P3i D:STEM Interaction Studio Lab

Beyond a traditional science laboratory; more than just a design studio, Northumbria University’s P3i design research initiative fuses Design with the disciplines of Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths to ‘imagineer’ the future.
By combining STEM know-how with design insights and expertise, we will translate scientific and technological advances in areas such as 3D printing, Synthetic Biology, Organic electronics, Sensors and Mircrofluidics, Nano materials and technologies into practical, useable, desirable solutions for tomorrow’s issues today.

With our sights set firmly on 10 years+ and focusing on three key themes, Bioexplore, Supersense and Ambient, our team will explore the potential for printable, paintable and programmable products and services.

Our aim is to work with key industry and academic partners to uncover vital insights and invaluable commercial opportunities that will transform the way we think, use and adapt new materials and technologies. Ultimately they seek to be at the forefront of design-led, need-driven, technology-anchored and solutions-focused, innovative products and services with a real purpose.
I could like the exhibition with university students using their innovation to create new technologies to schowcase their own work but also show the creative buzz around the future.

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