Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Vimal launches PROTECTOR: 4-in-1 Hygiene Uniform Fabrics

A technology breakthrough that presents smart and fashionable fabrics for tropical climates. Highlights of PROTECTOR fabric: -Fabric doesn't allow dust to adhere on its surface. This effect is good for 20 home washes. -A range of daily routine Stains of Coffee/Tea/Ketch-Up/Oil are easy to be cleaned on this fabric compared to Un-Treated. This effect is good for 20 home washes. -Anti-microbial property of this fabric works against bacteria/fungi and stops production of bad odour in fabric. This effect is good for 100 home washes. -Fabric provides a good resistance to pollen adhering on the fabric which reduces chances of pollen related allergies and hay fever. This effect good for 20 home washes.
Ahmedabad, Gujarat, February 25, 2013 /India PRwire/ -- Vimal, the flagship textile brand of Reliance Industries Limited today announced the launch of its technology break-through product, PROTECTOR: 4-in-1 Hygiene Uniform Fabrics. Protector: 4-in-1 Hygiene Uniform Fabrics present a technology breakthrough for the evolving fashion needs as they are fortified with a defence shield that enhances the value of the garment while offering additional functionalities.

Protector: 4-in-1 Hygiene Uniform Fabrics are purpose built for tropical countries like India that provide an ideal environment for the growth of bacteria and fungi on the clothing. These micro-organisms, apart from aiding infection, go on to generate the characteristic foul smell, and cause discoloration of fabrics. A product like PROTECTOR with its anti-dust, stain-release, anti-microbial and anti-pollen properties therefore meets the need of the hour. The new fabricfrom Vimal is high on fashion and at the same time helps consumers to deal with humid and sultry climates without exposure to the menace of microbial infection.

"We have successfully leveraged our textile capabilities with our R&D focussed product developmentexpertiseto create a smart and fashionable offering for our customers. The result of this is PROTECTOR- a smart, versatile fabric,that provides consumers multiple functions and benefits for their fashion needs," said Mr. Anand Parekh, President RIL Textiles Division.

Protector: Hygiene Uniform Fabrics, infused with new functionalities,are poised to create a niche in the fashion apparel industry by empowering the fashion conscious consumer to experience increased comfort without compromising on the style quotient. This innovation has been achieved in Vimal's standard Poly-Viscose & and Poly-Wool suiting and is ideal for use in institutions like hospitals or armed forces as well as caters to the fashion and style needs of school uniforms, corporate and occasion wear.

Protector is yet another major technology innovation from Vimal after it recently launched 'DEO2'in India, apioneering innovation in textile Industry. 'DEO2' is a revolutionary anti-microbial deo-treatment that arrests the growth of fungi and bacteria on fabrics keeping it fresh and Anti-Odor even after day-long wearing in humid and warm climates. All the fabrics - Worsted as well as PV Suiting - woven at Vimal are treated with this innovative technology thus making Vimal the only company in the world to offer it across its entire product range, at no additional cost to consumers.

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